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GIANTS with Alice and Svend

An all in one storytelling and English language learning experience, with storytellers Alice Fernbank and Svend Engh.


GIANTS is a storytelling performance with a creative workshop all about giants and is designed for children who are learning English as a second language. It will give them the opportunity to experience English through a collection of traditional stories from the Celtic storytelling tradition.

The stories are performed in English. They explore themes of conflict and resolution, being outcast and different in the world, and they promote kindness, compassion and self acceptance.

The main aim however, is for the children to enjoy stories whilst learning English at the same time.

The post performance workshop provides an opportunity for students to put the English they have heard into practice. They’ll learn new vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions, and there’ll be plenty of opportunity to practise speaking, reading and listening to English. The workshop includes a range of storytelling activities specifically adapted to help children develop their language skills and have a lot of fun telling stories and creating drama.


Alice Fernbank (England) and Svend Engh (Denmark) both live and work in Scotland. They are very tall storytellers and have used their own experience of being big and standing out in the world as inspiration for this project.

Alice is a storyteller with a background in theatre arts, she is also a CELTA qualified teacher of English as a second language. Alice has been working creatively with language learners since 2010. She has created many theatrical English language learning experiences for students in Italy, and she now holds regular workshops for English language learners in Edinburgh. In addition she also runs workshops at ‘The Scottish Storytelling Centre’ to help language teachers use storytelling in the classroom.

Svend Engh is a Danish storyteller living and working in Scotland. He has over 25 years experience telling stories in danish and English. Svend has been a teacher in primary schools for more than 15 years. He has worked internationally and has excellent command of the English language.



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