Alice tells tales from all around the world. She has always had a thirst for story and adventure and has spent many years travelling the globe, and exploring the arts, creating her own rich life story along the way.


Alice grew up in the Fen country in East Anglia and there are many tales of old Cambridgeshire and the ancient marshland that she likes to tell. However, Alice’s adventurous spirit has carried her far beyond the flatlands of the fen. She’s travelled extensively across Europe, worked in Holland and Italy, and wandered with a back pack around the Far East.


She continues to learn about the world through the stories she tells; from the folktales of Northern Europe, to the mythology of ancient Greece, from stories of Old Russia, to traditional tales of India and Bangladesh.

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Svend Engh is one of Denmarks most experienced Storytellers. His stories are a mixture of traditional Scandinavian fairy tales, stories from the Nordic Gods, fairy tales from around the world, life experiences and stories created in workshops.


Svend Engh started his career in 1994 and since then he has been travelling around the world with his skills.


He is a LIcensed Practioner: Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling.


Alice and Svend


- tell stories in schools

- tell stories for adults

- teach you how to tell

- are licensed to work in businesses



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